Anise Cook is the hardworking 13-year-old girl who has a very spicy and hard to understand nature. She is a passionate young chef who only expects the best with her food, which comes out great! Her spicy and arrogant nature can get into the way of her successes, but she always produces great recipes in the end.

Extra Info Edit

  • Blood Type: O
  • Favorites: food, friends, spicy things, Yogi Bear, sweets.
  • Least Favorites: nasty food, video games, pop music, black
  • Favorite Animal: cow (cooks with it)

Appearance Edit

Normal Edit

In her normal appearance, she wears her short crimson hair straight with a hairpin in her head. For her top, she wears a mid-riff red top with a female anime chef on the front. For her bottom, she wears short blue shorts with floral designs on them. For her shoes, she wears maroon sandals.

School Edit

Her hair remains the same, except she is wearing the Creative Academy for Girls uniform, along with her chef hat made by her mother before she died.

Glitter Spice Edit

As Glitter Spice, her hair is extended into a scarlet long side braid with a bang covering her right eye. For her top, she has a mid-riff cherry red and crimson top with the insigna in the middle of a medium-sized crimson bow. For her bottom, she is wearing a scarlet and crimson skirt with maroon shorts at the bottom. For her shoes/socks, she is wearing knee-length pale red socks with white and red boots along with red bows on the tips of the boots, braid, gloves (the gloves are elbow-length), and skirt. For extras, she has flame tattoos on both pf her cheeks.

Glitter Spice Edit

As Glitter Spice, she represents creativity with cooking and her theme color is red. Her attack is Sparkle Sweets, and her finishing attack is Sparkle Sweets Shower!