Francesca is the smart yet cheerful 13 year-old who goes to Sunshine Beach Middle School. Whenever not in school, she is mostly planing something, such as a party. She always finds a reason to love, and she is passionate girl who strives for almost anything.

Extra Info Edit

  • Blood Type: A
  • Favorites: pink, love, candy, cheesecake, mystery books
  • Least Favorites: broken hearts, sadness, anything fried and greasy (unlike Roxy)
  • Favorite Animal: cat

Appearance Edit

Normal Edit

She wears her dark pink hair in twin ponytails with magenta bows. She also wears a casual pink and dark pink hiking outfit with pink dress shoes and coral socks. She also has magenta eyes.

School Edit

Her hair remains the same way, except she is now in a teal and white school outfit, along with black socks and outfit-matching shoes.

Glitter Passion Edit

As Glitter Passion, her hair is now a shade of hot pink and is tied in a crinkle-cut poytail. In her hair, she has a She also wears a winged white and hot pink top with a pink bow, included with a white stripe at the bottom. For her skirt, it's a three-layer skirt with a white layer, a hot pink layer, and a layer of ruffles. For her shoes, she wears pale pink boots that are up to the knees with a top layer of ruffles. She also wears elbow-length pale pink gloves, and a pale pink choker with a small wing.

Glitter Passion Edit

As Glitter Passion, she represents love and her color is pink. Her introduction is "Bursting with love! Oh so sweet! I’m Glitter Passion!" Her finishing attack is Sparkle Shimmer, and her upgraded attack is Sparkle Shimmer Rainstorm.

Introduction Edit

Hi! I'm Francesca, and I'm a Glitter Force warrior! It all started with this strange pixie named Toria, and I found out that I was one of the Glitter Force Rainbow. I also found out that my friends Venus, Becky, Daniella, Roxy, Rebecca, Avery, and Nikki are part of the Glitter Force Rainbow, too! Wait a sec, did I mention the fact that the Black Kingdom of Darkness is trying to steal the color from the world! Whew! Now that that's out of the way, back to what I was saying! We were chosen to defeat the kingdom, and together, we are unstoppable!

Transformation Edit

Francesca starts the transformation by inserting her pink Glitter Heart inside the Glitter Bracelet and saying "Insert Glitter Heart!" The bracelet responds by saying "Activate Glitter Bracelet!" She then says "Glitter Force Makeover!" The bracelet center glows a bright pink, then Francesca spin around a few times, letting a=out a few laughs and giggles, creating a couple of pink hearts. The pink hearts collide with the glowing arms legs and body, creating the outfit. When her new hairstyle is created, she lets out a grunt and her hair has changed color. Lastly, she lands with a thump and says her introduction, while striking three poses.