Glitter Force: Creative Hearts! is the sixth Glitter Force fanon series created by Japanesenerd247 and Koei Suzuki. The 2-season series is all about creativity.

Story Edit

Once upon a time, there was an alternate dimension called the Creativia Dimension, where people and pixies where free to express their creativity. That is, until Amietaro and her crew came and rained havoc on the dimension. All that was left was the legendary Glitter Charmsm which were then sent to Earth to recruit the legendary warriors, along with two loyal pixies named Mewmi and Woofie.

Characters Edit

  • Ali Laterson- Glitter Paint
  • Anise Cook- Glitter Spice
  • Carli Newman- Glitter Cutie
  • Do-Mei Xi Hu- Glitter Science
  • Mercedes Driver- Glitter Sonic
  • Lumina Clarkson- Glitter Shine

Villains Edit