Glitter Force: Witchy Pitchy! is the second Glitter Force series created by Japanesenerd247. The series theme is witches, magic, and elements.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Hallie-Anne Lewis- Glitter Nature

Hallie-Anne is a calm and down-to-earth 13 year-old girl who just loves nature and the green grass. Being the smartest at Beautiful Magic Middle School, as well as the most experienced, she is picked on most of the time, but she has a big heart of gold. As Glitter Nature, she is the witch of the earth and her color is green.

Mia Jones- Glitter Ocean

Mia is the dangerously calm 13 year-old girl that tries to keep her composure at times, but can enrage easily sometimes, too. Mia and Hallie-Anne have been friends ever since middle elementary school, but Mia has a hard time making friends. As Glitter Ocean, she is the witch of water and her color is blue.