Glitter Force Band! is the second Glitter Force series created by Japanesenerd247 and Cure Kohaku. The series consists of five girls who become the warriors of rock bands: the Glitter Force Band!

Story Edit

Characters Edit

Izzie Sanford- Glitter Singer

Izzie is the happy-go-lucky and fun-loving 13 year-old, as well as an idol for her family because she is passionate and hard-working at Musical Star Middle School. She is quite popular around the school with her singing. She loves cheesecake and her favorite color is magenta. As Glitter Singer, she represents singers and her theme color is magenta. Her catchphrase is "Singing the melody of the heart! A glowing rhythm! I’m Glitter Singer!" Her finishing attack is Sparkle Scale, and her upgraded attack is Sparkle Scale Amplification.

Carli Bassett- Glitter Bass

Carli is the cold-hearted but warm school bassist that is 13 years old.