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Glitter Force Cosmos
General Information
Director Chinatsu Kiseki
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Theme(s) Space

Glitter Force Cosmos is a new Glitter Force series created by Chinatsu Kiseki in which the series motifs are space and stars.

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Melissa Harris / Glitter Comet - The leader of the team, Melissa is a quiet girl who is extremely careful around her surroundings and can often be a perfectionist. However, Melissa is a girl who never gives up on hope and always looks towards the future. Her alter ego is Glitter Comet, the star of the future whose theme color is purple.

Aubrey Andrews / Glitter Flare - The second member of the team, Aubrey is the princess of Lumino but is not anything like a princess, being a rebellious teenage girl with intentions of becoming the lead singer of the famous rock band, RISING. Her alter ego is Glitter Flare, the star of courage whose theme color is red.

Emerald Kemp / Glitter Nova - The third member of the team, Emerald is the student body vice president of Stellar City Middle School and is a rather intelligent young 15-year old. However, due to her stubborn and arrogant behaviour at time, she is quite lonely which has caused her to become very prone to her emotions whenever she upset. Her alter ego is Glitter Nova, the star of emotions whose theme color is green.

Selena Eclipse / Glitter Crescent - The final member of the team, Selena is an aloof and extremely cold girl who is often referred to as the "Reincarnation of the Moon Spirit". Despite this, Selena is actually a very soft and kind girl who loves to sing and dance even if people say she's bad at either. Her alter ego is Glitter Crescent, the star of dreams whose theme color is silver.

Lumino Edit

Queen Brillo - The ruler of Lumino and Aubrey's mother, Brillo is an elegant and kind woman who is willing to protect those in danger. She is also very worried about her daughter travelling to Earth.

Leo - The team's mascot partner, Leo is a prideful but egotistical lion-like mascot who tends to only care about himself at times. Despite this, he also has a kind heart. He can also transform into a human known as Leo Kingston.

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  1. I am a warrior?! Glitter Comet's Awakening!

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