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Glitter Force Shining Stars! is the first series by Cure Kohaku. The series is an English dub of a series she wrote.

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  • Amber Pilton/Glitter Shine

Amber is the kind, energetic basketball team captain at Valley High Academy. She is thought of as cool and calm by others, but is actually very energetic and clumsy. Her alter ego is Glitter Shine, and she has the power of light. Her theme color is yellow.

  • Katie Morris/Glitter Flower

Amber's best friend, Katie is a cheerful, energetic girl who loves acting and dreams of becoming an actress. She often sings songs for no reason, and also daydreams a lot. Her alter ego is Glitter Flower, and she has the power of flowers. Her theme color is white.

  • May Thompson/Glitter Love

May is a sweet girl who loves to bake. She is usually quiet around others, but when mad, she can be the scariest of all. Her alter ego is Glitter Love, and she has the power of love. Her theme color is pink.

  • Rose Ritter/Glitter Snow

Rose is a cold, bitter girl who has a hard time making friends. However, once you get to know her, she is actually very nice. Her alter ego is Glitter Snow, and she has the power of ice. Her theme color is blue.

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  • Glitter Perfume - The items the girls use to transform.

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