Here are the rules of the wiki. If these rules are broken, you will be temporarily or permanently removed from the wiki. PLEASE be sure to follow them!

The Rules! Edit

  1. NO INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT- Please, people! No Illuminati, no nudity, no sexual content, nothing that is not Glitter Force-related!!!! If I catch you with this kind of content, you will be given a warning.
  2. NO RUDE/CRUDE LANGUAGE- C'mon! This is an obvious rule! No f***, no s***, nothing that will offend anyone, ESPECIALLY b****! Just like the first rule, you will be given a warning if you do this.
  3. NO PAGE SHALL HAVE LESS THAN 40 WORDS!!!!!- Now, this is an important rule! Each page that you create has to be FULL of Glitter Force content, not just a word or two! Breaking this rule=a warning!
  4. NO COPYING OFF OF SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK- Some people work REALLY hard to create a really cool Glitter Force fanon! I will read if someone's work is copied, and that creates a warning!
  5. No innapropriate content! (i.e.: anything related to boyfriend/girlfriend drama, same-gender relationships, etc.) I mean, it's a KID SHOW, for crying out loud!
  6. Any art put on a page MUST be original (with the acception of creators, such as HappinessCharge Precure, school girl, magical girl, Sailor Moon, etc.).
  7. No one, and I mean NO ONE, shall steal ideas from another page!EVERYTHING on this wiki has to be solely based on your ideas and Glitter Force, nothing else!
  8. No cursewords! (Like I said, it's a KIDS SHOW!)
  9. No criticism is allowed on this wiki...EVER!!!
  10. Anyone who is under 13 and who uses curse words shall have ALL of their pages deleted unless they tell me and my admins an apology for disobeying.

The Warnings! Edit

  • WARNING 1: This is a very basic warning. This warning will tell someone to stop what they are doing or else me or my admins will delete your page or temporarily ban you from the wiki.
  • WARNING 2: Phase 2 of the warnings. This will delete 5 pages of yours, as well as a one-week ban from the wiki.
  • WARNING 3: The final phase of the warnings. This will result in ALL of the pages being deleted as well as a permanent ban from the wiki.