Sunshine Beach Middle School is one of the main schools of Glitter Force Rainbow! It is the school that Francesca, Becky, Daniella, Roxy, Avery, Rebecca, and Nikki go to.

Description Edit

Inside the school, the school has 30 classrooms, 3 laboratories, 3 cafeterias, a library, an art studio, and a kitchen for the chefs to cook. There is also an accessible rooftop for which the students can go to on their free time.

Uniforms Edit

Sunshine Beach Middle School is a mixed school, so they have uniforms for both genders.

Girls Edit

The top is a teal and white sweater-like shirt, along with a teal and white skirt, along with black socks and teal and white school shoes. The girls are permitted to wear their hair in any way they choose.They also have a teal bow to finish the outfit.

Boys Edit

The uniform is related to the girls' uniform, except that instead of skirts and a bow, it is replaced by a pair of pants and a tie.

Staff Edit

Principals and Others Edit

  • Principal: Mr. Cedric Parker
  • Custodian: Ms. Reda Green
  • Janitor: Mr. Zachary Ishii
  • Asst. Principal: Mrs. Drephina Parker