The Glitter Wand is the attack item that debuted in the episode "New Powers, Awaken!" This is a rare item, and it has been assigned to the Glitter Force to defeat stronger enemies.

Description Edit

The base of the wand is a creamish-white color which topped with a magic crown. The inside of the crown changes color, depending on the user. On the base, there are eight orbs that contain magic: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, indigo, and purple. Not only that, it has a half-heart-shaped handle to keep it from falling out of the user's hand. It also has a red orb at the bottom just for presentation.

Main Uses Edit

  • Glitter Passion's Sparkle Shimmer Rainstorm
  • Glitter Elegance's Sparkle Cream Whirlwind
  • Glitter Joy's Sparkle Happiness Bursting
  • Glitter Minty's Sparkle Emerald Shine
  • Glitter Freedom's Sparkle Strum Solo
  • Glitter Grace's Sparkle Ballet Spinning
  • Glitter Luna's Sparkle Midnight Eclipse
  • Glitter Rhythm's Sparkle Melody Concerto
  • All's Goddess Mode Rainbow Remix